MHRA Hot Topics brings together regulated industry and the regulators for two webinars covering the advertising, labelling and reclassification of medicines. For 2018 we are offering two webinars for this must-attend annual event.

10.00-11.30 - Hot Topics in the OTC Medicines Area
Representatives from the MHRA’s Advertising Standards, Self-Medication and Product Information Quality units as well as PAGB will be on hand in the OTC session to provide delegates with the latest information on advertising, labelling and reclassification.

14.00-15.30 - Hot Topics in Advertising Prescription Medicines
The MHRA Advertising team will be joined by PMCPA for the afternoon POM session to give you a clear understanding of how to conduct advertising and promotional activities in this highly regulated environment.

These events are designed for all professionals working in the fields of regulatory, legal, public relations, marketing and management in the POM and OTC areas of the pharmaceutical industry, and will also be beneficial for consultants in the area of advertising, public relations, law and marketing communications.

Questions to the panel

You have the opportunity when registered to submit pre-event questions. The team will endeavour to answer as many of these questions as they can at the event. Please include in your submission the name of the speaker you wish to address your question.

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  • Welcome & Introduction

  • Review of the Year: The Advertising Annual Report

    Themes and key issues in 2017 in the area of OTC advertising, set in the wider context

  • OTC Advertising Issues 2017

    Review of MHRA compliant and vetting cases in 2017 and key themes

    • Beryl Keeley, Advertising Standards & Outreach Unit Manager, VRMM, MHRA
  • The Work of Self-Regulation

    Report on PAGB regulatory activites in 2017

    • Beth Collison, Codes of Practice Assessor, PAGB (Proprietary Association of Great Britain)
  • OTC Labelling Issues 2017

    Advice on getting applications approved first time with examples of cases dealt with in 2017

  • Self-Medication Unit Progress Report 2017

    Update on reclassification activites in 2017 and plans for 2018

    • Simone Jason-Poncia, Pharmaceutical Assessor, Self Medication Unit, VRMM, MHRA
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  • Welcome & Introduction

  • Review of the Year: The Advertising Annual Report

    Themes and key issues in 2017 for prescription medicines advertising, set in the wider context

  • Review of MHRA Vetting of Advertising

    Successes and problems from vetting of prescription medicines in 2017

    • Beryl Keeley, Advertising Standards & Outreach Unit Manager, VRMM, MHRA
  • Review of MHRA Complaints

    Review of MHRA complaint and scrutiny cases in 2017, highlighting potential hazards to avoid

  • The Role of Self-Regulation

    Review of PMCPA cases and initiatives in 2017

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